Welcome to the new deanoid.net, home to Dean & Cathy's Baja Home and Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website. From this portal, you can jump over to either site and check out our travels, pictures, family, rantings, and ravings. Whether your interest is fishing in the U.S. or Baja California, hanging out at Yosemite, birding, insulator collecting, recipes, U.S. National Parks, metal detecting, or traveling throughout the American West, deanoid.net has something for you.

Dean & Cathy's Baja Home is quite simply, the best darned site in the world for checking out what's going on in the area south of Puertecitos and north of Laguna Chapala junction. We focus on the Las Encantadas/Punta Bufeo area, but have plenty of information on Campo Los Delfines, Rancho Grande, Brisamar, Alfonsinas, Gonzaga Bay, and other surrounding areas.

With updated information regarding fishing, wildlife, road conditions between San Felipe and Laguna Chapala on the Transpeninsular Highway, and first hand up-to-date news, it's no wonder that visitors from over 50 countries look to Dean & Cathy's Baja Home as their preferred source for Baja information.

Regular site features include Recent Trips; an Archive of trips going back to 1991; Special Topics including Wildlife, Scenery, Sunsets, Sunrises, Maps; Fishing and Hot Links; What's New on the site; and News Flashes of the latest news from our exclusive Baja Home Sources. You'll also find links to get on our update list, e-mail your questions directly to Deano & Cathy, or join up on our Forum to share your knowledge with other Baja afficianados out there in cyberspace.

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Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website is where we post all other details that might interest our friends, family and even complete strangers who are interested in stuff that we like. This stuff includes, backpacking, fishing, camping, birdwatching, insulator and bottle collecting, sightseeing, bumming around, naturalizing, yummy recipes, and who knows what else.

We have pages on trips to obscure wilderness lakes and on-demand features available nowhere else on the world wide web, such as PDF files of the original California DFG Angler's Guides published in the 1950s and 1960s. These brochures, affectionately known as the Ol' Know-It-All Guides, provide information on high country lakes and streams in California wilderness areas that are simply not available elsewhere.

We also have pages for your viewing pleasure on insulator collecting, the history of Deano's ancestors in Liberty Township, Ohio, metal detecting yarns and more. We have some historical pages on the Missouri Rockets, predecessors to NY's Rockettes. Cathy's mom was an original member back in the 1920s. We also have links to another of our subdomains for the Yosemite Beardown Chronicles, a 30-year tradition.

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Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website

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